The Ness Battery

Orkney is rightly famous for its ancient monuments, but the history doesn’t stop there. There are many relics and reminders of both World War 1 and World War 2. These pictures show the remains of the Ness Battery. This was a substantial gun emplacement that guarded the Western approach to Scapa Flow during the dark days of WW2. Visits are by guided tour only, but well worth the effort. Our excellent guide, Andrew Hollinrake, led us around the site for about an hour. Most of the buildings are now shells and in poor condition. However, some of the original huts have been restored. The climax of the tour is the soldiers’ mess hut. Here you can still see a complex mural that covers most of the interior walls. Painted to cheer up the troops stationed far from home, the mural shows country scenes of villages, cottages and windmills. The locations have been identified as being in Kent. It is a strange counterpoint to the better known Italian Chapel. There, during the same period and with a different purpose in mind, prisoners of war also decorated their humble buildings.

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