Orkney Summer and St Magnus

These dark winter days make us think of Summer. As we get to mid December, the sun barely rises more than a few degrees above the horizon and the light is gone well before four in the afternoon. Despite this, the maritime climate keeps us warmer than many places in the UK. However, these short days remind us that we we have next Summer to look forward to. By the time we get to the St Magnus Festival which falls on the Summer solstice, we will be enjoying days that never seem to end. Weather permitting, it will once again be possible to read by the light of the midnight sun which barely dips below the horizon. The long drawn out evenings bring us spectacular sunsets that change every minute, but seem to last for hours. It’s not hard to imagine how important these turning points must have been to our ancestors and it’s no wonder that they have left so many monuments behind that are designed to mark the passage of the sun and the seasons. We can’t wait!