Highland Park House on National TV (Channel 5 in the UK)

Our Dream Hotel, featuring Highland Park House was broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK at 9pm (6th June). It is still available on the Channel 5 on demand internet service and can be found on Youtube. We know that the programme had been shown in Holland and will no doubt surface elsewhere around the world in due course. The programme generated significant media interest and was previewed in several national publications including the Daily Mail Online and Radio Times.

The response to the programme had been incredibly positive. We have had numerous messages, emails and letters of support and encouragement. We are very touched by these and sincerely thank all of our well-wishers. As we continue to develop the building, we will post up-dates on this site.

The filming took several months. It was, at times, both fun and infuriating. Many people agreed to appear, or rescheduled tasks or gave interviews for which we are very grateful. The film/production crew were highly professional (apart from the impromtu battle with Gerry’s Nerf guns) and spent many hours following us and filming in different Orkney locations. Inevitably much of the footage failed to make the final edit and we are a little disappointed that the programme did not have time to show all of the aspects of what we do at Highland Park House or show all of the contributions that so many people have made to our project. We had no control over the editorial process and we had no idea what the show would look like prior to the preview. However, we feel it is a fair reflection of the work we have put into the project. It also highlights the charm of these unique islands and the community here.

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