Puffins and glorious scenery – a trip to the Brough of Birsay…

Running Highland Park House in the Summer can feel like a round-the-clock operation. We were very lucky this weekend to have some brief and (we think) well deserved RnR. Our son agreed to mind the place for a few hours while we went and explored the beautiful Brough of Birsay. The Brough (pronounced “brock”) is a rugged island up in the Northwest corner of Orkney, accessed via a causeway at low tide. The North and West faces of the island are sheer cliffs, with stunning views. These cliffs harbour many seabirds and it is not uncommon to see seals, dolphins and even the odd whale. It’s a great place to see puffins, as my not very clear photograph shows, although they will be heading back out to sea by the end of July. The Brough of Birsay has been settled many times over the years and the remains of a complex Viking settlement are clearly laid out. This heady mix of history, wildlife and dramatic seascape is less than 40 minutes drive from Highland Park House.

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