Things you need to book in advance!

People are often surprised at how busy Orkney can get in the Summer – it is after all a World Heritage Site.¬† Fortunately, you won’t get too crowded even at the busiest times and it is easy to get away from people completely. However, there are a couple of bottlenecks to be aware of which may require forward planning.

Maeshowe  Chambered Cairn

One of the most important monuments in Orkney and a must for those of you coming to look at the islands’ archaeology.

To visit Maeshowe in the Summer, BOOKING AT LEAST TWO WEEKS AHEAD is almost essential. This is because the tours only run once an hour with a strict limit on numbers. The good side is that it means it is never too crowded, but it can be frustrating if you just turn up hoping to get in – you probably won’t.

Booking is easy if you use the link to Historic Scotland here:


Highland Park Distillery

The tours are fascinating and it is right on our doorstep. BUT it is popular and it is best to book ahead if you can.

The Visitor centre telephone number is (0)1856 874619

Alternatively, their website should tell you everything you need to know:




Car Hire

We have said this before, but another reminder won’t do any harm:

Advance booking for car hire is essential.

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