Walrus!!! An unusual visitor to Orkney…

Orkney is, of course, famous for its wildlife. Once in a while however, we have some really unusual visitors.   This week, a walrus has arrived on Sanday (one of Orkney’s North isles) and has already become quite a celebrity. It’s five years since the last walrus was spotted in the region, so this is  an exciting event.

We can’t expect you to see a walrus when you come to Orkney, but whales, including orcas are regularly sighted. Dolphins and seals are plentiful in these waters and it’s not too hard to spot an otter if you are patient and know where to look. (I actually saw one in the centre of Kirkwall one evening).

Huge flocks of geese are preparing to leave for the Summer and oyster-catchers and curlews have appeared in large numbers. A week ago, we were in the grip of the “Beast from the East” with unusually harsh and freezing conditions. Today, the sun is shining, the short winter days are already behind us and it really feels quite Spring-like in Orkney.

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