A Day Trip to Hoy

Last weekend, I took the ferry over to Hoy. Hoy is a large, southerly Island about  20 minutes drive  and then 30 minutes by ferry  from where we are at Highland Park House .  The north end of Hoy is dominated by dramatic and sharply rising hills that are visible from much of Orkney. Our excellent guide Steve from Island Tours Hoy took us from WW2 remains, through stunning wilderness and past ancient monuments to  secluded and picturesque bays and beaches. We even saw nesting sea eagles along the way!  Because our tour was only a few hours long, we did not have time to visit the famous rock stack known as the Old Man of Hoy (this requires a couple of hours walking) and there were many places we could have spent more time exploring. However, the purpose of this tour was to get a flavour of the place and we certainly did that. I would heartily recommend Hoy as a place to visit and I would suggest that Steve’s tours are an excellent way for a visitor who has limited time (or no car) to explore the island.  I nearly wore out my camera, so here is a small selection of the pictures that I took just to give you a sense of what to expect if you visit this spectacular place.


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