Orkneyology – A great new Orkney website!

A new website has just been launched which gives a fresh perspective on Orkney for locals and visitors alike…

The site is called Orkneyology (the link is below) and has been compiled by Rhonda and Tom Muir.

Rhonda is an American writer who has settled here, immersing herself in the existing and developing culture of the islands. She gives this site a valuable outsider’s perspective. You can’t get much more Orcadian than Tom – he is a celebrated Orkney storyteller, author, folklorist and historian.

The site is a potent combination of local insight, history, folklore and news coupled with practical information. It is both informative and informal and will no doubt grow into a very valuable resource for all with an interest in these islands.

Practical tips, such as what to do on a rainy day (we do have one or two) and where to find a public convenience/bathroom/wc (not always obvious) are also covered – the sort of detail that is essential for visitors but often missed by information sites.

Have a look for yourself and share with anyone who has an interest in Orkney…  Click here:  Orkneyology.com

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