Orkney Library

Many of our guests come to Orkney to find out more about their relatives. This is a reminder of the fact that in the past when many Orcadians emigrated to other parts of the world through economic necessity. Although those were not always the happiest of times, it is clear that many Orcadians made successful lives for themselves in far-flung places. It is well documented that the Hudson Bay Company employed many Orcadian men (and the occasional woman) in Canada. However the Orcadians of the past also settled throughout the rest of the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

A good starting point for family research is the Orkney Library in Kirkwall. This very modern and well appointed library has an extensive archive on the first floor. Here, you can view old photographs, census returns, county records and many other documents that will help you to connect names to places. There are excellent, knowledgeable staff on hand to help too.

To check opening times and find out more about the library, follow this link to get you to their website:


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