Orkney Storytelling Festival

This annual October event in Orkney has gone from strength to strength. We are delighted to be involved and we have hosted a number of supporting events here at Highland Park House. Our very own Aine King is one of the regular performers.

We were delighted that the BBC Travel Show (available for 20 days or so from the date of this post) actually featured the Storytelling Festival recently, showing some of the events and interviewing some of the storytellers. Furthermore, it shows some lovely footage of Orkney scenery which will be of interest to anyone thinking of visiting these islands. It really does make this look like a great place to visit.

The main title of the programme (Travel Show Episode 9) is about Argentina, but you will find the Orkney section about 16-17 minutes in. It’s well worth a look if you can catch it.


The Storytelling events are lively affairs with a truly international flavour, audience interaction and activities for all ages.

Pictures taken from BBC Travel Show

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