Casual Visitors and Orkney CV19 news.

At Highland Park House we are happy to be open again albeit with reduced rooms. We normally welcome local friends and family to visit guests by prior arrangement. However, at the present time, we need to have track and trace information in advance for anyone entering the building. Also, for the safety of all our guests, we must minimize the number of people moving around the building, so for now, entry should be restricted to the booked guests only.

Like many local businesses, we have worked very hard to adapt to the new safety measures that are required. Please bear in mind that these limits are in place to protect our guests and the wider community in Orkney.

August 14th. 2020

There are reports of a small number of CV19 cases in Orkney. As far as we are aware, these are linked to a fishing boat crew and are nothing to do with visitors or tourism. There are no additional local restrictions in place, just the general ones set nationally. However, as with all things related to CV19, travellers are advised to check on the latest situation before starting out on a long journey.

May we take this opportunity to draw your attention to our Coronavirus procedures and expectations.

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