Our Story..

The story of how we turned Highland Park House into a successful Bed and Breakfast was told a few years back in a TV programme. I have been delighted and honoured to retell and update our story for the Orkneyology Website, set up by Rhonda and Tom Muir. https://www.orkneyology.com/

Here, you will find all sorts of information related to Orkney, but with a particular emphasis on folklore and storytelling. Tom Muir is Orkney’s foremost storyteller as well as a font of knowledge and wisdom regarding all things Orkney.

You can read the account of how we got started at Highland Park House here https://www.orkneyology.com/Orkney-Travel-Tips-Highland-Park-House.html, where you will also see pictures of us decorating and demolishing to get us to where we are today.

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