Unexpected Guest…

Many of our visitors come to see Orkney’s spectacular wildlife. However, this weekend, the wildlife came to us and stayed for a few hours.

We found a hedgehog on the back step in the middle of the afternoon. Normally hedgehogs should not be out and about in daylight and this one looked lethargic, so we decided to intervene.

We brought it indoors to a safe place and contacted Orkney Wildlife Rescue who came round very quickly to assess the little creature.

Using the neat trick of a warm shallow bath in a glass bowl, the hedgehog was persuaded to unroll so the underside could be safely inspected. It turned out to be a (probably) pregnant female with no obvious signs of injury or illness. After a feed of meaty cat food (NEVER bread and milk!!) we let her rest in a quiet spot for a few hours and then released her close to where we found it as night started to fall. By morning she was long gone…

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