Highland Park House has been awarded the Visit Scotland “Good To Go” Green Tick, confirming that our CV19 procedures are meeting government recommendations.


In line with Scottish Government guidelines, we have risk-assessed all of our operating procedures with regard to CV19 . Please be assured that greatly enhanced precautions are in place, especially regarding the cleaning of rooms between guests and the handling of breakfast. We will regularly clean key contact points such as door handles throughout the day. Please be aware that staff will need to wear face coverings while serving breakfast and assisting guests in most situations.

GuestsGeneral Expectations

Prior to arrival we must be given full contact details for all guests (including individual members of groups travelling together if different). This may be required for track and trace purposes. Please do not travel if you suspect you may be unwell. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who appears to be unwell with CV19 symtoms.

In line with official guidance, we will expect guests to wear face coverings on arrival and when moving around certain communal areas. We have hand sanitation points throughout the house which should be used and we have rearranged the dining room and the music room to allow groups to be safely seated at the recommended distance away from each other. One metre distancing must be observed at all times. (This is the current Scottish Government requirement for establishments such as ours).

Unfortunately there will have to be less face to face contact. We will not be able to assist in the normal way with luggage and the servicing of the rooms will be much more limited than usual. Breakfast ordering and general communication will involve more use of internet and mobile phone. Payments should be made in advance by card or direct bank transfer. Handling cards and cash is to be avoided. We know this is not the ideal way to do things, but we have no real choice in the current circumstances.

Sadly we, have had to remove some items, furnishings and ornaments from both bedrooms and the communal areas. We feel that this goes against the atmosphere and character that we have spent so long creating at Highland Park House. However, we are sure that guests will understand why this is necessary and appreciate that these are extraordinary times. We will still have maps, books and other items available for guest use, but we ask that these are placed in the return box after use instead of being put back on shelves. We will then sanitize items and/or keep them out of circulation for several days.

IMPORTANT: Guests who develop CV19 symptoms while here:

The following is based on advice and instruction from the Scottish Government.

You MUST notify us immediately and you MUST contact the health authority for an immediate test (we can assist with contact details). You must self isolate in your room while waiting for the test result or go straight home and isolate there.

If the test for CV19 proves positive you should immediately return home. If this is not possible you must to discuss alternatives with the local authorities. Unfortunately, guests will be liable for all costs to us arising from overstaying.


It looks like restrictions will be lifted and we expect to be receiving guests perhaps as soon as late April. However, we understand that travel restrictions may still make travel difficult or impossible for some.  Before setting off on long journeys, we would recommend that all guests double check with their travel providers that their ferry crossings and flights are still operating.

We still invite all guests affected by travel disruption to rebook at any future available date, be it later this year or next year. All deposits will be automatically transferred to the revised booking and we guarantee that there will be no price increase to existing bookings other than any additional taxes imposed by local or national governments. To rebook, please use the booking engine on this website. If there is any price difference with your original booking just contact us by email and we will adjust accordingly.

We would like to thank the overwhelming number of pre-booked guests who have agreed to rebook in the future. We have had many kind messages of support. Unless the CV19 situation deteriorates significantly in the future, we are now feeling very confident about welcoming guests in the late Spring and Summer of 2021.


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